2014 HAM Javelina Hunt

In February, the HAM (Handgun, Archery, Muzzleloader) Javelina hunt began.  Due to having shot a pig with my bow during the archery season and the warm temperatures we were experiencing, I figured I wasn't going to put a lot of effort into the hunt, but instead focus on having a good time outdoors with my son.

Ryan went with me when I went out for a couple of day hunts during the HAM hunt.  We only stayed out half the day the first day due to the heat and not finding any pigs.  Ryan brought along his new Rainbow Loom that he'd gotten for his birthday and turned me into his pack mule.

One neat thing we saw was  a Gila Monster Ryan spotted while driving to check out a trick tank.  He saw it scurrying under a bush, so we hopped out to check it out.


The next day Ryan and I met up with my friends Chris and Aaron and tagged along with them.  Ryan wasn't interested in glassing, so he brought along a book and other things to keep him busy.

At the last spot we were going to check, Aaron spotted a pig below us, and Chris snuck in with his muzzleloader and put the pig down.  Ryan was very excited and happy to pose with a picture with Chris and Chris's pig.

Even though I never got a shot at a pig during the HAM season, it was a good time being outdoors with my son Ryan.  


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