2014 Javelina and Archery Deer Hunt

For 2014 I drew a HAM javelina tag and picked up an archery tag for the same unit in the leftover draw.  I figured after a few years of not getting a pig I'd try to give myself some extra opportunity.

The first weekend my buddy Jake and his son joined my son Ryan and I for archery pig and deer.  We headed to a spot we've hunted before and have seen deer and pigs.  The first day turned out to be pretty eventful with stalks on pigs and deer, but no shots fired.

The second day Jake and I headed back out and we started high instead of low, and found some pigs right off.  Jake and I made a stalk that Jake ended up being able to get a couple of shots off, but drew no blood.  I had jumped over to a different finger off the main ridge to move down towards some pigs, but ended up getting pinned down by a herd of deer that we'd seen the day before.  They eventually moved off, but by the time I made it down to where the pigs were, they had also moved out.  Even though nothing was brought home, it made for a fun, eventful day.

The following weekend, I made it out again with Paul, another buddy from work.  Armed with intel from the previous weekend, we headed right to where we figured we'd have the best chance of spotting some pigs.  While en route to our glassing spot, Paul hissed at me and pointed to some pigs running off across the draw from us.  We stopped and we saw a pig in front of us.  Paul motioned for me to go ahead, so I ranged him, and then as he traversed in front of me, I woofed at him and stopped him.  I drew, and put my 30 yard pin on him, then released an arrow.  He went all of 10 yards before rolling back down the hill, coming to rest under a tree.  My Ulmer Edge tipped broadhead worked great on the pig.

While taking care of my pig, Paul looked up and saw pigs moving back into the draw below us.  He grabbed his bow and headed down the finger that we were on.  A little while later, I got word from him that he was successful, so I headed down to meet up with him.  He'd gone straight down and had a sow walk right up to him, giving him a 16 yard shot.

What a great day!  We took care of Paul's pig, and were back down to the truck around noon.  This also happened to be the maiden voyage for a newly purchased KUIU Icon 1850 daypack.  The pack worked out great and I think it will be a great addition to my pack arsenal.  I'll be giving it more of a workout this spring and summer.


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